About Vin Sauvage


Vin Sauvage was founded in Las Vegas in 2004 as an alternative to a limited landscape of very large beverage distribution houses. With the solid backing of a local family who shares a passion for fine wine, it was a natural outgrowth of the 2 other distributors they own in Colorado, Classic Wines and Illinois, Maverick Wines. The addition of service to the Reno/Carson/Tahoe areas was completed in 2007.

The management of Vin Sauvage has a long history in the specialty wine and spirits business. Sales Representatives are tenured and have an ongoing commitment to education in all phases of the wine, sake and spirits worlds. We go to work every day with the understanding that nobody needs us, we must provide superior selection of product and service to our customers to earn their business.

Given the extreme climate that is Nevada, we are 100% temperature controlled, from the items we import, warehouse and deliver to our customers throughout the state. We work on the details of distribution, by culling slow moving items and closely managing our inventories so our customers can insure correct and timely vintages.

We recently added a specialty spirits division that has grown faster than anticipated and continues to bring to market, exciting new artisanal spirits along with remarkable old world Single Malt "cask" bottlers and specialty Rums.

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  • 11/13/13
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