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Catena Alta is an assemblage of historic rows within the Catena family Estate vineyards. The blend of these historic rows yields a highly aromatic and elegant wine that speaks for the earth and the vines that have been tended by the Catenas for four generations. The Catena Alta wines can usually be drunk starting at three years after harvest and into the following one to two decades. Below is a list of the vineyards that contribute to the distinctive characteristics, that reflect the discerning selection and blending to make a wine with consistent pedigree.

  • Angelica Vineyard, Block 18: 3018 Ft. elevation.
  • La Pirámide Vineyard, Block 4: 3,117 ft elevation.
  • Nicasia Vineyard, Block 1: 3,593 ft elevation.
  • Adrianna Vineyard, Block 3 and Block 9: 4,757 ft elevation.

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